1.89ctw Yellow Round Brilliant Diamond Band R7851

ITEM:# R7851

SHAPE: Round Brilliant
COLOR: Faint-Deep Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 4.60 - 4.50 mm
FLUORESCENCE: Medium-Very Strong Blue/Yellow/White

18Karat Yellow Gold

Currently sized at: 6
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Background - we bought a parcel of assorted fancy colored, to very faint fancy colors round diamonds. The cutter got them from is quite a large cutter of round diamonds - primarily brown diamonds. However, they get a lot of other colors in the mix. So it went with this parcel.

The parcel was well over 10cts - these were the largest matching stones - and talk about variations. These stones do not match in color. However, that that is the lure of this ring. Each one has great life and sparkle - just in a different tint. he center stone has the most vibrant color. One of the stones on the end has a peachy quality to it. You'll never get bored looking at this ring.

The middle stone is also an I1 - but a very good one. I can see the imperfections in the pics. Each of the stones is a winner. The custom made 18kt yellow gold setting is perfectly done. It feels great to the touch. The stones are securely set.