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SOLD.....Loose Diamond:: 1.01ct Chameleon Radiant Diamond GIA Report R2811

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1.01ct. Natural Fancy Deep Brownish Greenish Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond-Chameleon
Full GIA report
item #R2811

ACTUAL MOVIE showing the color change


The Diamond

Below the diamond is showing a lot of it's greenish tint-The next few photos were taken of the diamond when we just unwrapped it after being kept in the dark.

I have always been intrigued by chameleon diamonds.
The first time I saw one, the dealer who had it was trying to sell it to me.
When I asked about how to see the thing change color, he told me I needed to heat the diamond to see it change.
Well, at that point, it was still his diamond.

OK Mr Smarty pants, I said- If you want me to buy it, heat it up- but it's yours , I take no responsibility.
I had honestly not heated a diamond before that.

He agreed, and took the diamond scoop from my desk, and a bic lighter from his pocket.
He asked me to hold the metal diamond scoop with a tweezers. Then he put the diamond on the scoop, and heated it from below with the bic.
I'm talking about 20-30 seconds of holding the bic- till his finger started to burn.

At that point, the diamond is lethal. Diamonds are excellent at transmitting heat. If you were to touch it at that point you'd have a serious burn.

Diamonds are routinely handled with tweezers anyway, so that's how he picked it up.
The transformation was dramatic- and only lasted less than a minute.
Just as the diamond can carry a lot of heat, it sheds it remarkably quickly.

The other "trigger" for the color change is exposure to light.
That would mean that after the diamond was kept in the dark for a period of time( let's say overnight) it would be at one end of it's spectrum.

If you don't want to risk burning the diamond, keep this  chameleon in a dark box overnight, and in the morning it will have achieved maximum darkness.

I believe that this particular Chameleon gets a brighter burnt orange color when heated- and looks kind of greenish yellow if it's been kept from the light.

 Looking at this, you will notice flashes of many colors.
If you thought it was a flashback from those wild college days, I'd remind you that it's possible to have a lot of fun without artificial stimulation.
In this case, I was wearing a red shirt on the day a few of these photos were taken, including the one above, and the one below.

The cut? It's a lovely rectangle, almost square. The stone has great brilliance.

If I had to make one comment, I'd say it's not the largest looking 1.01carat diamond- but there's great color and the price is quite attractive for a 1.00carat stone.

In terms of clarity- it's an SI2- and a really great one- from our standpoint. It's just about impossible to see the imperfection from the top- even with the loupe. Once the imperfection will be totally hidden. The diamond is totally eye clean.

More color change video.




ITEM #: R2811
Radiant Cut Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 1.01ct
SHAPE: Radiant Cut
COLOR: Fancy Deep Brownish Greenish Yellow CHAMELEON
MEASUREMENTS: 5.65 x 5.11 x 3.84 mm
GIA REPORT #: 16255560


Original GIA report ships with item.  We include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes. How much will my new diamond appraise for?

the diamond is offered loose

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