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SOLD.....Vivid Orange Asscher Diamond Wedding Band: 4.78ct Asscher Cut Wedding Band 18kt R4404

Orange Diamond Wedding Band
ITEM #: R4404
SHAPE: Asscher Cut
COLOR: Fancy Intense Orange Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 4.00 x 3.70 mm

18Karat Yellow Gold

Currently sized at: 6
The ring can be adjusted to almost any size however extra charges will apply for sizes larger than 6



 We include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes. How much will my new diamond appraise for?

orange diamond wedding band

Orange Asscher Diamonds

Here is a sideshow of the parcel we bought to make this Orange Diamond Ring possible.

 Making a ring like this is really quite a complex undertaking. We were approached by one of our favorite fancy colored diamond cutters with an incredibly rare parcel of Orange Diamonds.

 The reasons this is such a rare parcel is the incredibly vivid color- as well as the dramatic shape- these are beautifully cut Asscher Cut diamonds.  The "Steps" are very well pronounced- even considering the diminutive size

It was a stroke of luck finding this parcel- but they did not come cheap. The predominance of Orange has a huge impact on the price. 

Some of the finest cutters in the world have gotten into the habit of showing us things like this first- because we recognize the value.

We have shown a willingness to take chances with design to utilize such remarkable diamonds- and the facilities to build the pieces to rival the most prestigious names in the jewelry and diamond business. 

Truth is, when we buy, we're not looking for the cheapest diamonds- we want the best diamonds.

diamond wedding band

As you can see, there's a range of vivid colors. I love this aspect to the ring there's a different color to each and every one of these remarkable stones.

They are mostly VS stones- one or two SI clarity stones - and none with a noticeable imperfection.  Each and every Asscher Cut Diamond in this parcel is remarkably bright, in spite of the extraordinary depth of color.

This becomes eminently clear the first time you look at this ring.

Uber Wedding Band

Artful details abound on this handmade masterpiece. The selection and placement of the stones for example. Look again a the diamonds, as they are lined up. Besides the color variation, they're not all the same size. They selected the stones so that the color is a constant contrast from one Asscher Cut diamond to the next... amazing. This is one of the aspects that makes the ring unendingly interesting.





What if it does not fit me?

This ring was designed with a limited adjustability. The model shown below has an added inner bar that can bring the ring down 1.5 sizes. If the buyer is a larger size we've got extra stones from the parcel waiting to fill in. In that case we'd make a larger ring. The ring is priced for size 6 or smaller

The image

The image


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