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SOLD...Yellow Diamond Ring: 2.01ct W-X VS1 Cushion Cut GIA Three Stone Ring R4764

yellow diamond ring

ITEM #: R4764

Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold 3 Stone Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 2.01ct
SHAPE: Cushion Cut
COLOR: W-X, Natural Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 6.94 x 6.73 x 4.59 mm
GIA REPORT #: 5141814112

SHAPE: Half Moon

Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold 3 Stone

Currently sized at: 6
We will ship the ring in your size.

gia report

Original GIA Report ships with item. We also include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes. How much will my new diamond appraise for?

yellow diamond ring

2.01ct W-X SI2 Cushion Cut Three Stone Diamond Ring

I love cushion shaped diamonds that are cut like this one, especially in Fancy Colored Diamonds. Is this W-X a "Fancy Colored Diamond"?

Please allow me to argue both sides.

One side: Since the word "Fancy" does not appear in the GIA color grade, it cannot be labeled as such.

The other side: Based on the fact it is clearly a light yellow diamond, yes. It is not "canary" yellow - rather a softer shade. Now that this baby is properly set, she is showing a lot of color.

The diamond has a great cut - even sparkle and size for the weight.

cushion cut diamond

gia w-x colored diamond

yellow cushion cut diamond

loose cushion cut diamond

natural yellow diamond

canary diamond

The Ring

Now that it is set into our custom-made ring, this W-X natural light yellow diamond looks very much like a Fancy Light Yellow Diamond.

For this lovely cushion, we chose icy white brilliant cut half-moon diamonds for her to sit between. And brilliant they are, a wonderful contrast to the light yellow center.

One of the subtle strengths of our "Uber" shop, is the color of the metal. The platinum is ever so white, in sharp contrast to the 18 karat yellow which is so rich and yellow. To do this, without looking brassy in any way, shape or form is a remarkable feat. The color is just rich and golden.

The shaped claw prongs, as always, are artful in their execution, and placement.

three stone diamond ring

three stone diamond ring

It looks good, and it feels good. The rings from our "Uber" shop, such as this one, exhibit a fit and finish, which is equal to that of any ring that you can buy anywhere in the world. I know, that's quite a broad -based statement. Surely there are rings that are of a quality comparable to this one? Sure,.... However, you have to go to the very finest places to get such quality.

In addition, we can maintain these rings. That in itself, is a detailed and complicated task. We perform it every day. If you buy one of these rings from us, and it ever needs to be worked upon, we will facilitate the return shipment. When you get your ring back, it will look as it did the day you got it, brand-new.

three stone diamond ring

half moon diamond

half moon shaped diamond

yellow diamond ring

It looks fantastic on the hand.

yellow and colorless diamond ring

hand made ring

hand forged diamond ring

three stone ring

yellow diamond ring

cushion cut diamond ring

cushion cut diamond ring

If you like the ring in these photos, you will love it in person - we guarantee it!

yellow cushion cut diamond ring

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond ring you will receive.

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