Wishing you all the best in health and happiness during this time. We are all doing well here fortunately. Due to the situation at hand, we are able to ship, but not daily as usual. Please just contact us and we’ll work with you on the best way to get you your dream piece that both makes you happy and still manages to keep all of us safe. Like many of you, we are balancing life, working from home as much as possible, and even schooling, but we are still here for you for all of your jewelry needs.

Be well!

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Most of today's websites sell of a list- diamonds that they've never even seen. We actually own most of the Fancy Colored Diamonds and rings for sale that we are offering. We buy the coolest Natural fancy colored diamonds including yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, brown diamonds, blue diamonds, green and even orange diamonds. Basically diamonds of all colors and the finest colorless or white diamonds. This allows us to have a totally unique collection. We do not compromise on the design of our Fancy Colored diamond rings- nor our white diamond rings. Our site is designed to have a more user friendly interface than our competitors. For example you won;t be bombarded with pop ups. Our site, and our jewelry was all put together with love- Enjoy!

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