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SOLD....1.01ct Vivid Blue VS2 Emerald Cut Lab Grown Diamond R9347

ITEM:# R9347

WEIGHT: 1.01ct
TYPE: Lab Grown Diamond
SHAPE: Emerald Cut
COLOR: Fancy Vivid Blue
MEASUREMENTS: 6.81 x 4.68 x 3.11 mm
IGI REPORT #: LG12074607

We pride ourselves in the finest selection of diamonds. Lately, we have had quite a few requests for lab grown or created diamonds.

We aim to please our clients! As with our natural mined diamonds, we will only select the finest diamonds for you.

What are lab grown or created diamonds?

First, and foremost they are real diamonds. They have an identical carbon structure to mined diamonds. They can be distinguished from mined diamonds using specialized equipment. Otherwise to the naked eye no one would tell the difference.

There are pros and cons to both naturally mined and lab grown diamonds, but the end result is we want to offer the most beautiful stones we can find.

This diamond is no exception!

When looking for a blue diamond, it is hard to find a beautiful pure shade that isn't more included.

Blue diamonds are among the more rare colors out there, and in mined diamonds the price reflects this. A mined diamond of this size, color grade, and clarity would be at least 100 times the cost.

You read that right - we would be looking in the many hundreds of thousands, not just several thousand.

While the stone comes with an IGI report, we do agree with the color and clarity grade given. GIA just began grading lab grown diamonds in a similar fashion to mined diamonds at the end of 2020, so there are fewer lab grown diamonds with GIA reports at this time. We will, as always, advise when we agree or disagree with a color or clarity grade given.

We do assume this diamond has been treated for color.