1.04ct Deep Brown SI1 Cushion Cut Diamond Ring R5756

ITEM:# R5756

WEIGHT: 1.04ct
SHAPE: Cushion Cut
COLOR: Fancy Deep Brown
MEASUREMENTS: 6.80 x 4.50 x 3.70 mm

14Karat Rose Gold

Currently sized at: 11
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This is one of our most popular designs for a gent's single diamond band - and rightfully so. It looks great on the hand and is comfortable to wear.

Made in 18K rose gold, the ring is solid - no hollowing out of bands for us. The ring is beautifully finished. Truly a great value on this one.

More details about the center stone

We are very lucky to have access to some truly unique and desirable diamonds. A great friend from India cut this. I call it a hybrid, as I almost thought it was a radiant.

The cutter made the best use he could of the rough, which accounts for the corners which do not match each other. It is kind of like a lozenge - that you sucked on for a few minutes, then spit out.

Seriously, in spite of its irregular nature it is gorgeous - or perhaps because of it. The sparkle is great for such a deep color. There is a lot of orange in the color.

There is a small imperfection that caused me to grade the diamond SI1 - and it is totally eye clean.