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SOLD....1.25ct N VS2 Old European Diamond R8679

ITEM:# R8679

WEIGHT: 1.25ct
SHAPE: Old European Cut
MEASUREMENTS: 6.43 x 6.47 x 4.50 mm
GIA COLOR REPORT #: 6207348675

I love stones like this. I have to assume it's an authentic antique diamond based on it's charachteristics.

The Facet meet points, and girdle specifically- look to be truly old. But the stone looks totally bran new in terms of condition. Not a scratch, chip, or sign of any abrasion. So it's perfect.

It is accurately graded as an N color, but due to the chunky cut, it's nearly impossible to see any tint!

Perfectly eye clean VS2.

If you love Old European Cuts, you'll love this one.

Great sparkle and shape.

Incredible price - we snapped this up immediately when we saw it this afternoon.

It's priced loose, and we can make a killer ring for it if you're so inclined.