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SOLD.....1.43ct Blue Emerald Cut Sapphire R8644

ITEM:# R8644

WEIGHT: 1.43ct
STONE TYPE: Sapphire
SHAPE: Emerald Cut
MEASUREMENTS: 6.60 x 5.70 mm

Here's an absolutely stunning Emerald Cut Sapphire.

Let's start with the color: It is a rich, royal deep blue - and totally pure blue. I don't love the pictures in terms of the color, because they make it look as though there's some sort of striations in the color.

However, in person, the color is totally consistent. You can see this in the video. There are no imperfections to speak of

Then there's the cut. It's just what emerald cut lovers love. The supplier we got it from re-cut the stone to get it to perfection.

Super duper nice price as well.

We'll probably set her, but for not she's available as a loose sapphire.