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SOLD....15.10ct Emerald Cut Aquamarine R6513

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ITEM #: R6513
Emerald Cut Aquamarine, Loose

WEIGHT: 15.10ct
STONE TYPE: Aquamarine
SHAPE: Emerald Cut
MEASUREMENTS: 17.30 x 14.60 mm

We include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes.


15.10ct Emerald Cut Aquamarine

This is a striking stone. The rough was mined in Brazil. It is a dramatic stone by any standard.

In terms of size, it's impressive, The color combines with the brilliance to produce the sweetest blue. I would not call it faint, but it is light blue. A strong shade of light blue, if that makes any sense. The color is very noticeable.

The stone is clean in terms of imperfections. Please excuse the very visible dust specs on some of the photos.

Being an Emerald Cut lover, I am drawn to this profile, The cutting quality is excellent. The facets are crisp. There are no abrasions at all on the stone.

Aquamarine of this quality getting harder and harder to find.

loose aquamarine

large loose aquamarine

blue aquamarine

emerald cut aquamarine

loose aquamarine

natural aquamarine

emerald cut aquamarine

blue aquamarine

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the aquamarine you will receive.