3.04ct Brown Asscher Cut Diamond R10339

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ITEM:# R10339

WEIGHT: 3.04ct
TYPE: Diamond
SHAPE: Asscher Cut
COLOR: Fancy Yellow Brown
MEASUREMENTS: 8.55 x 8.25 x 4.54 mm

This is such a cool freakin diamond.

The color, combined with the lovely crystal nature, and distinctly steppy cut... it gives a very unique light show.

The cut is also wonderful for surface area versus weight. It is large for a 3 carat asscher.

We got the diamond directly from the cutter, an old and trusted friend of ours. It's never been to GIA.

I graded it I1. You can see the imperfection easily in the pictures. This is important- because it really affects a few key areas. Visually... these pics are illustrative.

I'll describe them - about 4-6 "specks" small crystals. One "feather". I can pick these out in the pics easily- however, naked eye... I can't see them.

The feather in the table- it touches the surface. Personally, it doesn't bother me at all. However, why should you give a darn what I think?...... seriously....

Some people are bothered by things like this - so this ain't the stone for them. Easy.

There's no durability issues whatsoever - and as I said - the stone is "crystal" clear. Not cloudy in any way.

If the stone was a VS1 it would be double or triple the price. So there's that.