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SOLD....3.12ct Blue Cushion Cut Sapphire Ring R7759


ITEM #: R7759
Platinum Sapphire and Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 3.12ct
STONE TYPE: Sapphire
SHAPE: Cushion Cut
MEASUREMENTS: 9.40 x 8.00 mm

  TOTAL WEIGHT: 1.31cts
  SHAPE: Round Brilliant


Currently sized at: 6
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We include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes.

sapphire and diamond ring

3.12ct Blue Cushion Cut Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Buying sapphires require compromises for most people. That is to say, unless you have an unlimited budget, you're going to need to choose between different considerations.

First, let's talk about color. If you want a blue sapphire, you really want it to be blue. In general, a deep rich blue is most desirable. However, we have found people that love the lighter blue's as well.

So let's say you have already chosen the stone for the color. Next ? Does it have imperfections? If so, are they visible to the naked eye? There are times a sapphire with a lot of imperfection can hide it well'

Imperfections in sapphires are not judged the same way they are in diamonds. For example, sapphires are not graded for clarity on the same scale as diamonds. This fact does not deter certain sellers from using diamond clarity grades to describe their sapphires. It's not a gemological sound practice. Regardless of that, sapphires with imperfections are less costly than sapphires without imperfections – in that way they're similar to diamonds.

Then, of course, we will look at the cut. We want a stone that has even color, and one that has sparkle and brilliance commensurate with the deep color of a fine sapphire.

This particular sapphire checked all the boxes for me. First of all, I find the color to be a deep rich royal blue. Next, in terms of cut: I love the overall shape. The stone also has great size for the weight. It's very difficult to capture the beauty of the stone with the camera. For one thing, it shows every speck of dust. Also, I don't feel the pictures really transmit the beauty of the cut. The center of the stone has great color and will actually sparkle back when you tilt the stone. There is no windowing effect in person. In terms of imperfections, the stone is a winner as well. There's really nothing major at all to talk about- the stone is perfectly eye clean.

The last, and one of the most important factors to look at would be the price. In this regard, the stone is a real bargain. Great color, great size, great life, no big imperfections that you can see – and it's definitely one of the least expensive 3 carat sapphires is we've purchased recently.

I assume it's been heated during the cutting process. No biggie for me- especially considering the price.



blue sapphire

loose sapphire

blue sapphire

blue sapphire

The Ring

The ring is custom made perfection in platinum. I love the proportions. I expected to use smaller diamonds in the halo, but these are perfect.

The prongs... just so!

The ring is extremely well built for the long haul.

sapphire and diamond ring

sapphire and diamond ring

sapphire and diamond ring

sapphire and diamond ring

sapphire and diamond ring

sapphire and diamond ring

sapphire and diamond ring

sapphire and diamond ring

sapphire and diamond ring

natural sapphire and diamond ring


In the photo on the right, you can see what I'm talking about.

The Sapphire on the left is quite a nice one. Believe it or not, in this particular case, the Sapphire on the left had a higher price than the stone on the right - which is the stone I chose. It's making its new owner very happy as you read this.

Sparkle is the type of Sapphires, Rubies, and Emeralds we carry.

Our stones are all NATURAL - including this awesome Sapphire.

This one is a great example of the sparkle I love combined
with a deep rich color

Many Natural Sapphires, as is true of this one, are heated during the cutting and finishing process.

Why we sell heated sapphires

When shopping for the gems we offer, we have incredibly high standards. We want to carry only exceptional diamonds, and sapphires. Yet we want to do this in a way that includes the collectors, and connoisseurs, as well as "normal people" who may want to forgo some of the finer points to get more bang for the buck.

When it comes to sapphires, there is a distinction between heated, and non heated stones. If a sapphire can be cut that keeps the color saturation, and brilliance without heating, it will bring a premium over a heated stone. In some cases, a huge premium.

The evidence of heating is fairly simple for labs to detect.

We have purchased sapphires that were claimed to be non heat stones, and sent them to GIA - every time they've come back non heated. We are very choosy in our sources as well.

No matter how comfortable we are with our sources for Sapphires, we will only guarantee a sapphire "non heated" with a GIA report to back it up.

The reason we offer primarily heated sapphires is that heating can be considered a part of the cutting process for most sapphire rough. When done properly, it will produce an even color and reduce the appearance of color striations - color banding.

We can obtain non heated sapphires when needed, usually we'll have a few on the site. However, when I see a stone that has a great appearance and reasonable price that has been heated, I like to offer them.

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