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SOLD....Diamond Necklace: 2.69ct Rich Yellow Gold Necklace Bezel Set Diamonds R4394

Diamond Necklace
ITEM #: R4394

SHAPE: Round Brilliant
COLOR: U-V, Natural Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 3.70 - 3.70 mm

18Karat Yellow Gold- 30" Italian Chain. 13.3grams


Diamonds Around Your Neck

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Parcel of Natural Light Yellow Round Diamonds

Light Yellow Round Diamonds

This is a great example of how a diamond that looks quite yellow from behind looks a bit less yellow from the top- as you can see in the face up photo below. You can also see the lovely personality of these light yellow diamonds. Another cool thing about all this is that in this necklace the diamonds are often seen from behind. 

But it's the Gold that  holds this all together- And a lot of gold it is. 13.3grams. The feeling is incredibly silky. The weight contributes to this. The color is incredibly golden yellow.

Rich- it feels rich- that's the best word. 30 inches makes is a very cool length. The diamonds are set in the front 2/3 of the necklace

Clean bezel work 

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