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SOLD.....Diamond Ring: 1.81ct M VS Transitional Cut Diamond Ring Trade in Special R5186

cushion cut diamond

ITEM #: R5186

Platinum Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 1.81ct
SHAPE: Transitional Cut
MEASUREMENTS: 7.92 x 7.72 x 4.73 mm


Currently sized at: 6.25
We will ship the ring in your size.

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transitional cut diamond ring

1.81ct M VS Transitional Cut Diamond Ring

Here is a stone we took in trade. I will classify it as a “transitional cut diamond” or "tranny" - there is evidence that it was cut in the time when the “state of the art” was transitioning from Old European to Modern Round Brilliant. Increases in technology allowed things like a more consistent circular outline. Most older cut diamonds were noticeably out of round.

Then there is the culet - the point on the bottom. It takes precision machinery to align the facets on the bottom of the diamond so that they come to a point.

Stones cut prior to the early part of the 1900s had open culets.

This diamond has an open culet, but a very small one. The facets on the bottom of the stone are cut more like those on an Old European Cut providing the “chunky flashes” some people love.

The diamond was graded by EGL LA before it was set. It is very rare that we agree with non GIA grading. In this case, it is really hard to tell. The diamond faces up white, not really “bright white” but it does not normally flash a lot of tint. Still it could be an N, or O-P, and since it is a trade in I have never seen it loose.

The setting is lovely - platinum and in perfect condition.

The floral motif on the bottom is nicely done - quite pleasing to the eyes.

Trade In Special

We took this diamond in trade. It’s hard to say exactly what it would cost for us to replicate the ring if we had to source the diamond from our normal channels. However, it’s safe to day it would be quite a bit more.

It is a desirable size - close to 2cts - and cut in a way that it looks larger than 2cts.

radiant cut diamond

antique cut diamond ring

vintage cut diamond ring

bezel set diamond ring

yellow cushion cut diamond

gia fancy yellow

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond ring you will receive.

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