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SOLD....Solitaire Diamond Ring: 1.22 Fancy Intense Yellow Radiant Diamond GIA Broad R3182

ITEM #: R3182
14kt white, and 18kt yellow Gold Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 1.22ct
SHAPE: Radiant Cut
COLOR: Fancy Intense Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 6.53 x 5.61 x 3.66 mm
GIA COLOR REPORT #: 16259963

Currently sized at: 6
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This is a Fancy Intense Yellow in desirable carat and a quarter size ring. The stone was cut to have great color. It broadcasts the yellow loudly.

It was cut to have great sparkle- which it does.

It was cut to have good visual size for it's weight. Which it does.

But it was not possible to cut a perfectly symmetrical diamond and achieve the other goals. It's symmetrical in it's outline- important for working well in a ring.

What is not symmetrical are some of the facets on the back of the diamond. This has little effect on the overall visual presentation-even looking with a loupe you'd need to look hard. It does however, affect the price to a large degree. Probably 35% less than a VS1 stone with VG symmetry.

The slight feather visible in some of the photos is why I grade it SI1.

Perfectly eye clean in person.

This setting was made for the diamond. The stone works amazingly well as a solitaire. The contrast with the white gold is stark. We made the shank in 14kt White gold, and the head (part holding the diamond) in 18karat yellow Gold