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SOLD....Loose diamond: 1.44ct Pear Diamond with a dreamy shape-GIA report R2575

Color: K color
Original GIA report ships with diamond
1.44carat K/SI1 Pear Shape Diamond
GIA Report
Item #R2575

ALL photos are of the exact item you will receive

If you love pear-shaped diamonds, your reaction will probably be like mine when you see this one.....WOWEE!

this is a totally organic shape for pear-shaped diamond. I mean to say, that is not a straight line on it. It looks just like a teardrop. The cut is also beautiful, because the stone is not very deep. What this means is your 1.44 carats will look very much like your neighbors 2.00carat.

ACTUAL MOVIE of this beautiful diamond.

The diamond is accompanied by a GIA report. We purchased the diamond without the GIA report and sent it off for a grade.

quite honestly, we were a little disappointed. We had seen the stone as a J color, VS1.

In all fairness, I missed a tiny feather in the stone, which is so faint, it's practically impossible to see with the loupe. Never mind trying to see with your un-aided eyes, that would be impossible. That's the reason GIA gave it SI1, and I honestly feel they were being too tough.

In terms of color, again, I agree to disagree. The diamond, if it is a K color, is a very high K color-meaning it's very close to a J.

Nonetheless, this is the grade that GIA gave it and this is the grade we will live with.

If you are thinking of buying this diamond you should be happy about this. If the diamond had gotten J/ VS1, as we anticipated, it would be at least $2000 more than it is now. The difference between J, and K, is very subtle. Some people find H color to be tinted. This is not a diamond for them. But if you would love a J color, there's a great chance you will also love this K color.


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ITEM #: R2575
Pear Shape Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 1.44ct
SHAPE: Pear Shape
MEASUREMENTS: 9.18 x 6.61 x 3.94 mm
GIA REPORT #: 17189668
Original GIA Report ships with diamond.
We include our comprehensive appraisal free of charge

the diamond is offered loose

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