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SOLD......Halo Diamond RIng: 2.05ct Radiant Cut Light Yellow-Brown "Uber" Halo Pink gold Interesting color R3744

Original GIA report and our company's comprehensive appraisal included.

2.05ct Radiant Cut Fancy Light Yellow-Brown I1 Platinum and 18kt Rose Gold "Uber" Ring

GIA Report

Item# R3744

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Please disregard the small thread hanging on the top right-hand prong

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ITEM #: R3744
Platinum and 18K Rose Gold Halo Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 2.05ct
SHAPE: Radiant Cut
COLOR: Fancy Light Yellow-Brown
MEASUREMENTS: 8.28 x 6.53 x 4.20 mm
GIA COLOR REPORT #: 2105591385

SHAPE: Round Brilliant

Platinum and 18K Rose Gold Halo

Currently sized at: 6
We will ship the ring in your size.
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Original GIA Report ships with item. We also include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes. How much will my new diamond appraise for?

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Here is a really cool radiant cut diamond. The cut on this stone is wonderful giving you lots of sparkle. The stone also looks large for its weight which is a bonus too.

The stone was graded by GIA for color only, the clarity grade is ours. This is something we take very seriously and are very strict on. I graded the stone I1- but it's a very good I1.  The imperfections can be seen in the photo above in the center of the stone, down towards the bottom.

Now that the stone is set, it's incredibly difficult- if not impossible to see any imperfection with the naked eye.


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Before we go any further here, can I just The stone is brown- "Fancy Light Yellow-Brown" according to GIA.

But the first time I laid eyes on the stone, I saw something special.

The slightest of hints. We have encouraged that hint. We nurtured it. Cherished it. We put everything into allowing the remarkable, dare I say rosy hint in the personality shine through.

For sure, there are times the brown is visible- on my monitor, the photo below shows it well

If you know us, you'll know we're not the hard sell types. So I can say, without hesitation, this is a very rare, and totally underpriced ring, considering how it looks in person. The photos below show another face of the diamond- which I notice on many occasions ( I have looked at this ring at least 20 times in the past hour)- it's an interesting and beautiful piece

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The image

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Remarkable "Uber Quality" Ring

This ring is an example of true "micro setting". Each of these ring is a true one of a kind- designed around the center diamond

Even the bottom of the ring is a work of art- check out the color of that pink gold

One of a kind for sure.

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond you will receive.

Of the number of excellent factories who produce our product, one specializes in creating pieces that routinely cost over a million dollars. Incredible design and production techniques at our disposal. We've worked with this factory to find a way to allow us to offer their rings below their normal starting range. Generally, rings made at this factory are more ornate, and start at around $7k, for the semi mount alone.

To achieve these results, you need a combination of things. A highly skilled workforce is only the starting point. Specialized tools are required. The term "microset" is rarely used accurately. Below, you can see a few workbenches, in the immaculate workspace. each is equipped with a microscope.

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The methods used for welding involve working in as sterile an environment as possible- while focusing acutely on specific areas using a microscope.

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After the wires have been crafted into shape, the ring looks like this

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The the wires are "cut down" to allow the micro-setting.