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SOLD.....Loose Diamond: .53ct Asscher GIA D Internally Flawless Diamond Amazing Cut R2695

Original GIA Report ships with item.

Our company's comprehensive appraisal included.

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.53ct D/ Internally Flawless Asscher Cut Diamond
GIA Diamond Dossier Report
ITEM #R2695
Actual Video of this diamond

Are you looking for an absolutely ultimate in a 1/2 carat Asscher Diamond? Here's a diamond for you.

This diamond is a "D" color- totally colorless.

The Clarity is Internally Flawless. This is the "Perfect Diamond"- D Internally Flawless

After looking at the four photos above you already have the idea of the cut- drop dead gorgeous Asscher.

This stone has such an amazing personality.

all actual photos and video of the specific diamond we are offering.

Believe it or not, an Asscher cut like this is a lot less than a Round of the same quality- it's a great value for a D Internally Flawless.


The diamond has a "GIA Diamond Dossier". This type of GIA report includes a microscopic laser inscription on the diamond.


ITEM #: R2695
Asscher Cut Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 0.53ct
SHAPE: Asscher Cut
MEASUREMENTS: 4.81 x 4.69 x 2.96 mm
GIA REPORT #: 15539675

Lab Report Original GIA report ships with diamond.  We include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes. How much will my new diamond appraise for?

the diamond is offered loose

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