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SOLD.....Yellow Diamond Ring: 2.02ct U-V VS2 Cushion Cut GIA Hand Forged Halo R5189

cushion cut diamond

ITEM #: R5189

Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold Halo Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 2.02ct
SHAPE: Cushion Cut
COLOR: U-V, Natural Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 7.34 x 6.72 x 4.55 mm
GIA REPORT #: 2155311446

SHAPE: Round Brilliant

Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold Halo SO3956

Currently sized at: 6
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yellow cushion cut diamond

2.02ct U-V VS2 Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Ring

How did Rock Diamond - and in turn, Diamonds by Lauren come to be? I took a chance. I was working in a well-paying job. I quit, and started my own company.

Since that day, I have continually placed our company at the forefront of service, and representation by taking risks. You cannot imagine how many web designers have told me that you need to have a white background and black letters.

“No one will buy with black background and white letters,” they told me.

Anyway when it comes to inventory, we have again taken a stand which is unique.

We actually buy diamonds. It might sound strange, but the percentage of major diamond selling websites that actually represent diamonds they own is tiny. Because we own our inventory, we can do things other websites cannot.

This is a perfect example.

We had someone looking for a 2ct cushion. I called one of the best cutters of stones like this, and asked what they had. This stone, having not yet been to GIA for grading, was a bit of a wildcard.

I’ll admit, I overpaid. You won’t, but I did.

I could complain to the cutter that he told me it was a Y-Z and it came back U-V.

I take this philosophically - and the reasons are why both he, and possibly you, will want to do business with us.

I look at ALL our business relationships as more valuable than the diamond. I have been doing this a long time - there are a lot of diamonds out there. However there are not a lot of you's out there. Or me's.

So, in this case, we will sell the diamond pretty close to cost. There will be other stones that we planned on getting W-X that come back Fancy light Yellow. We figured the stone for a Y-Z- it’s a U-V according to GIA.

cushion cut diamond

The stone is still amazing.

The cut is phenomenal.

It has a great size for the weight.

The stone has Incredible sparkle.

yellow cushion cut diamond

light yellow cushion cut diamond

gia u-v colored diamond

cushion cut diamond

yellow cushion cut diamond

light yellow cushion cut diamond

The Ring

We set this yellow beauty in our "Uber" halo - specifically designed to naturally compliment the color of the diamond - in the most stylish of manner.:

Notice the curve of the struts supporting the halo. They get the stone to the desired height - slightly higher than as low as possible. The ring has such a lovely side view.

yellow diamond ring

light yellow diamond ring

gia yellow diamond ring

hand forged diamond ring

diamond halo ring

cushion cut diamond ring

yellow cushion cut diamond ring

yellow diamond ring

natural yellow diamond ring

diamond halo ring

hand forged diamond halo ring

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond ring that you will receive.

GIA Report

gia report

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