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Loose Yellow Diamond: 2.64ct Fancy Vivid Yellow VS2 Radiant Cut Diamond GIA R6495


ITEM #: R6495
Radiant Cut Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 2.64ct
SHAPE: Radiant Cut
COLOR: Fancy Vivid Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 7.55 x 7.39 x 5.09 mm
GIA REPORT #: 2105677391

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canary diamond

2.64ct Fancy Vivid Yellow VS2 Radiant Cut Diamond

When I am shopping for a fancy vivid yellow diamond, I'm really not looking for "a bargain" - I want an exceptional stone, at a fair price - which is what we're known for. With a Vivid yellow, the first thing that strikes me is the color. It needs to have a pure canary yellow color.

Certain stones that GIA grades fancy vivid yellow tend to have subtle modifiers – or certain stones with florescence – that degrade the purity of the yellow. Once a stone has passed that test, we then look at how far past the grade barrier down to fancy intense yellow stone sits. Remember, there are fancy vivid yellow diamonds that just squeaked by – if they were just a little bit lighter they would have been graded fancy intense yellow. I love a shade that's clearly vivid - deeper than Intense- but not too deep. If either of those factors negatively affect the color in the stone in person, the diamond can be worth considerably less than a stone with a desirable shade of canary, and good intensity.

This particular diamond passes the color test with flying colors. As soon as you look at it you know that it is darker, and deeper, and more yellow than a fancy intense yellow. And the color is like a storybook yellow – true Canary.

Now let's look at other super important factors..

In terms of cut, the stone is amazing for sparkle. It also creates a very even color throughout the stone. The stone is tremendous brilliance in spite of the remarkably vivid color. The combination is extremely eye-catching. The proportions of the stone are very pleasing as well. Also great to see EX polish, and VG symmetry on a fancy colored diamond like this. .

This is in a very solid VS2 clarity. Forget about eye clean – I looked at this diamond for 10 minutes of the 10 power loop and I can't see any imperfection. Let's just say clarity is no issue here. Nor is the Faint florescence.

Carat Weight
Stones between 2.50-2.99cts are far more rare than 2.00-2.10- or 3.00ct stones. For this reason stones in this size range are valued closer to a 3.00ct, in terms of per carat price.

This truly desirable and sizable canary diamond.

radiant cut aset

yellow radiant cut diamond

gia fancy vivid yellow

canary diamond

gia fancy vivid yellow radiant cut

yellow radiant cut diamond

gia fancy vivid yellow

canary diamond

yellow radiant cut diamond

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