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SOLD...Loose Yellow Diamond: 5.03ct W-X VS2 Cushion Modified Brilliant Diamond GIA R6914


ITEM #: R6914
Cushion Cut Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 5.03ct
SHAPE: Cushion Modified Brilliant
COLOR: W-X, Natural Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 9.37 x 9.29 x 6.68 mm
GIA REPORT #: 2175348057

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yellow diamond

5.03ct W-X VS2 Cushion Cut Diamond

This is one of the least expensive five carat diamonds you will find - the great thing is that there's really no way to tell that by looking! By the way, I'm sure there are cheaper five carat stones. However in almost all cases, the reason they are such a low price is immediately obvious, in a bad way. Like stones that have horrendous imperfections. This stone has no clarity issues whatsoever, VS2 - totally eye clean.

The cut is the reason for the savings. Is this a bad cut? Not at all when it comes to light performance! The stone has amazing sparkle - virtually the entire top is a cacophony of sparkle, evenly dispersed over the top of the stone. The only drawback to the cut is that it's slightly "heavy"- in other words, the stone looks a little smaller than an average 5ct diamond.

natural light yellow diamond



yellow cushion cut diamond

Looking at the Pavilion (bottom) of the diamond we can see where there is a small bulge. In terms of weight, this allows the cutter to produce a polished diamond that breaks the magic 5 carat mark - this is important - I'll come back to it.

Going back to the light performance - this added mass is a bonus. It allows the cutter more freedom to create longer light paths. As the light travels through the diamond , it picks up yellow color, so lengthening the distance it travels in the diamond increases color. In essence, leaving a slight bulge in the pavilion can be an effective tool for increasing perceived color from the top.

With stones at the lower end of the alphabet, we are pretty much at the bottom of the graph when it comes to prices. D would be the most costly color, in colorless. As you get more color, moving to E the price decreases. It keeps on going down hitting the bottom plateau at about N color. It stays there at the bottom till we approach Fancy Light Yellow. That's why we love finding really prime , good looking stones in the W-X range. The prices are just so attractive compared to almost anything else!

What we are looking for in the range of U-V, W-X, and Y-Z stones is Fancy Colored Diamond light performance, and that is what this diamond has.

The best Light Performance for Fancy Colored Diamonds is pretty much opposite to what you'd want in colorless. The best stones draw light from a wide range of angles. That means that the right setting can really affect the perceived color.

Here is a selection of stones with the same color grade after we've set them.

Returning to the value aspect - we have a stone which sits in about the lowest price in terms of color. The cut is relevant - the cutter acknowledged the fact he had worked to break 5cts, and compensated us by reducing the per carat selling price.

I would not say the stone looks "small" by any means, but it's not the large five carat stone you'll see. Console yourself knowing you have five carats on your finger and paid for about 4.5 of them

natural yellow diamond diamond

gia w-x colored diamond

yellow diamond

canary diamond



natural yellow diamond

canary diamond

natural yellow diamond

canary diamond

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gia report


This Diamond is offered loose, but we would be delighted to help you design and manufacture a fabulous setting for it.