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SOLD....Micro Set Halo Ring: 2.97ct W-X Yellow GIA Diamond Micro Set Ring R1109

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2.97carat W-X Light Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond
set in
 Custom Made Platinum Ring
GIA Report
Item R1109

What is W-X color?

This is a good question, because it's commonly misunderstood. Personally, it irks me when other dealers call them "X-Y-Z".

There's no such GIA grade as "X-Y-Z".

This diamond was graded W-X.

W-X is a nice light lemon yellow, and Y-Z is has a bit more yellow.

I've always loved these lighter colors, but the industry has traditionally placed a far lower value on them in relation to high white, or deeper yellow diamonds.

The diamond is right here in front of me and this sucker's yellow.


As far as the cut- it's awesome. For me that means a few things specifically:

1) Does the diamond have great sparkle and life throughout?

2) Are the proportions pleasing? For example, a Radiant Cut can be square, or rectangular. If it is rectangular, it can be close to square, or clearly rectangular, as this one. This part is personal preference.

3) Does the diamond appear to be large for it's weight? The depth comes into play heavily on this one.

You do not need a loupe to distinguish these three aspects- it's totally based on observation.

We are fortunate in that we are able to buy these diamonds from some of the world's best cutters of Fancy Colored Diamonds.

 Here's a video giving you an idea how they choose what to do with the rough diamond. It's not like gold, where the polishing wheels have vacuums behind them, and the dust can be melted and make new gold. When polishing a diamond, whatever you polish away is simply dust.


 It's an amazing combination of the latest technology to assist in  old world work, done by incredibly deft hands.

The video above was shot in the same factory that cut this 2.97carat. It's remarkable how the cutters use the new technology to "design" or plot the cut- allowing for these amazing results while still getting a good yield from the rough- an important aspect of the business.


This diamond is a lovely light lemon yellow color. Although it's light yellow, it's not an "off white" diamond. It is clearly and obviously a yellow diamond..

 At 2.97 carats, you have permission to say it's a 3- what the heck?

People might think it's a 3 and a half  if you let them guess.

The diamond is extremely clean clear and free from imperfection.



All our auctions feature a whole bunch of photos of the actual item- as does this one. All the loose diamond photos are of the  actual diamond we are offering.

Custom Made Halo Ring

This is a diamond we sold a few years back.

It's back due to our "Trade Up Policy".

Spend double and we'll buy back your diamond at 100% what you paid for it.

This diamond was set into a pendant, and came back completely pristine-like new, as it were.

We designed and manufactured a custom made a platinum ring specifically for this remarkable stone.

An amazing value in a 3 carat diamond ring.



Many halos feature "micro-set" diamonds- the trade term is bead set.
This halo has the classic halo interpretation- the round diamonds prong set .


The diamond has also blossomed in terms of color. A great setting for a great diamond- both bring out the best in each other.

ITEM #: R1109
Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 2.97ct
SHAPE: Radiant Cut
COLOR: W-X, Natural Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 8.96 x 7.25 x 4.84 mm
GIA COLOR REPORT #: 14317234

SHAPE: Round Brilliant

Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold

Currently sized at: 6.25
We will ship the ring in your size.
Original GIA Report Included- as well as our appraisal for identification or insurance purposes. How much will my new diamond appraise for?