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SOLD.... Yellow Diamond Pendant: .64ct Fancy Intense Yellow I1 Branded DBL Modern Antique Diamond GIA Key Pendant R5178

cushion cut diamond

ITEM #: R5178

Diamond Pendant

Featuring a "DBL"Branded Old Mine Brilliant Diamond
Designed and cut by Yoram F for Diamonds by Lauren

WEIGHT: 0.64ct
SHAPE: Old Mine Brilliant
COLOR: Fancy Intense Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 5.24 x 4.79 x 3.42 mm
GIA REPORT #: 2155315686

SHAPE: Round Brilliant

Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold

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old mine brilliant diamond pendant

.64ct Fancy Intense Yellow I1 "DBL"Branded Old Mine Brilliant Diamond Key Pendant

Here is the newest batch of Diamonds by Lauren Old Mine Brilliant Diamonds - and this time Yoram really went over the edge, at my request, to find some truly wild colors. The rough was purchased for us in a lot - meaning one price for all. Then Yoram did his magic. This means we have the privilege of putting our name on stones that are among the world’s finest cut - rivaling any old mine brilliant diamonds on the market today. It also means we need to polish away a lot more of the diamond than other well cut cushion, and radiant diamonds. We also gladly accept the fact that the labor to cut such stones is far more dear than even well cut radiant or cushions on the market.

Since the rough was purchased for us, we have photos of the diamond in the rough, prior to cutting and polishing.

rough diamond

This one looked very yellow in the rough - sometimes the polished stone looks quite different than what you might expect based on the look of the rough. In this case, it is clearly yellow. The texture of the raw diamond is remarkable.

The color of the polished makes this pretty much a one of a kind. Think about it - diamonds are not exactly rare in the overall scheme of things. If we limit that to diamonds graded Fancy Intense Yellow, it's a far smaller percentage. If we then filter that group for cut - and look at how many Fancy Intense Yellow Old Mine Brilliant Diamonds are in existance, the number is likely less than 100.Maybe less than 20.  This is a rare bird.

The photos taken below are in a UV rich lighting environment, meaning the fluoresecnce will show it's effect to the camera

old mine brilliant diamond

old mine brilliant diamond

old mine brilliant diamond

I can see the fluorescence in the photo below, but not the ones above. Having said that - I am quite sensitive to the color change of fluorescence. What I see, based on my monitor, and the fact I know the diamond is a slight "greening" of the color. You may or may not see it on your screen.

old mine brilliant diamond

old mine brilliant diamond

Fluorescence is one of the biggest "gray areas" in the world of Fancy Colored Diamonds.

There's volumes of "facts" on the web, including a lot of definitive statements made about the subject. The problem you just can't make a definitive statement about yellow diamonds and fluorescence. Each and every case is different.

One common anomaly I have noticed, over the course of looking at many thousands of GIA graded Yellow diamonds is that some stones with medium or strong blue can really look a lot more yellow than inert stones that will have the same color grade. Some of the most "vivid" Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds possess fluorescence.

This is a stone that may have been punished by GIA for the fluorescence. The photos below were taken in a lightbox, with virtually no UV light, and it looks like a vivid yellow.

old mine brilliant diamond

old mine brilliant diamond

old mine brilliant diamond

old mine brilliant diamond

This is the type of I1 diamond where the imperfections are distributed in such a manner as to be unobtrusive. The nature of these faint lines is that they have no impact on the optical performance of the stone . There's a line which is pretty hard to see - I can make it out in the photo directly above at about 6:00 from the girdle all the way to the table. It is an eye clean stone.

old mine brilliant diamond

The Pendant

We created a classic "key" pendant using this stone. The design is beautiful and showcases the yellow diamond perfectly. They pendant also features 80 E-F VS round brilliant diamonds for a total weight of .61cts.

The whole pendant measures 2 inches in length and 3/4 inch in width at the widest point.

diamond pendant

The pendant is made it out of platinum - it feels very substantial. It weighs 13.4 grams without chain.

If you are interested in a chain for this pendant, please call us for options and pricing.

yellow diamond key pendant

diamond key pendant

yellow diamond pendant

yellow diamond key pendant

natural yellow diamond pendant

diamond pendant

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond pendant you will receive.


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