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SOLD.... Platinum Earrings: 1.22cts F SI1 Pear Shape Diamond Dangle Earrings R5118

colorless diamond earrings

ITEM #: R5118

Platinum Diamond Earrings

SHAPE: Pear Shape
MEASUREMENTS: 6.80 x 4.70 mm

We include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes.

colorless diamond earrings

1.22cts F SI1 Pear Shape Diamond Dangle Earrings

It’s not that we don’t love round diamonds - I can see the beauty in them - but I’m also drawn to fancy shapes. Always have been

Maybe it’s due to the method of training, where I was taught to grade diamonds.

We were trained using small round diamonds. Starting with single cuts (this was like 1000 years ago) then moving on to full cuts.

Then we continued grading primarily round brilliant diamonds.

When a Fancy Shape would come in, we’d all want to examine it, as it was just... different. To this day, I’m fascinated by the infinite amount of different patterns and shapes I see in Pears, Cushion, Radiant and Emerald Cuts.

For a pair of earrings like this, pear shaped diamonds seem a natural – they seem to droop down and melt off the ear. Like a teardrop.

The metal is platinum and extremely... fluid. This accentuates the shape of these beautiful pear shaped diamonds.

I picked them because I love the shape - perfectly organic, no straight lines. The optical properties of each one is amazing - no bow tie effect. This is due to a really well thought out and executed design by our cutter.

The color and clarity are also a great combination for earrings.

pear shape diamond earrings

colorless pear shape diamond earrings

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