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Princess Diamond Halo SO4108

The center diamond is not included.

ITEM #: SO4108
Hand Made Princess Diamond Halo Semi Mount

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Diamond Color using Platinum, 18k Rose Gold, or mix of the two

please contact us for prices on other fancy colored diamonds or center diamonds larger than listed below

Doesn't incl. center diamond
Colorless diamonds for up to .75ct center diamond $3895
Pink diamonds for up to .75ct center diamond $4995
Pink diamonds .75ct up to 1.50ct center diamond $$5895

As shown with a 1.02 D/VS2 Oval Shape Diamond (not included in the price of the listing). On this particular example, the setting has 10 E-F VS round brilliant diamonds for a total weight of .66cts.

The setting is handmade - totally top notch, unsurpassed in quality. It is made so it sits low and close to the finger. The floral motif pays homage to nature's beauty.

The diamonds surrounding the center are carefully selected. They are all among the finest cut, color and clarity stones you will find - anywhere. These stones are the perfect size to appear large enough, yet not overpower the center stone.

Not many companies would feel comfortable posting photos taken so close up and not photoshopped. We have no need to hide any blemishes - our work is that good. Even the bottom of the ring is work of art.

Below as shown with a 1.46 Y-Z, Natural Light Yellow VS2 Cushion Cut Diamond (not included in the price of the listing). On this particular example, the setting has 12 Fancy Pink SI round brilliant diamonds for a total weight of .55cts.

Now shown below with a .72ct Fancy Pinkish Brown VS2 diamond. The diamond is set in Platinum with 18Karat Rose Gold bezel around the center diamond. If you would like, we are able to bezel set your diamond as well.

This ring has 12 round full cut diamonds for a total weight of .56cts. Your total weight will vary based on the size and shape of the stone you pick.

We look forward to working with you to find a beautiful set of stones for this gorgeous handmade setting.

The reason our semi mounts are shown with the center diamonds set into them is simple. We do not keep semi mounts on the shelf. Virtually every ring we make is custom made. That's why the center stone will always fit properly with no gaps. That's why things will always be in proportion.

When looking at our three stone rings, you will notice that the level at which the three stones are set, with the girdles on the same plane. This is virtually impossible to achieve using semi mounts you see in a showcase- shown without a center diamond. Generally the center diamond is set on a "peg head". This type of setting allows a quick delivery – but it also means the center diamond will sit much higher than the side stones.

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