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SOLD...Gent's Diamond Ring: 1.18 Carat Cognac Oval- Gorgeous Brown Diamond R2374

Gentleman's diamond Ring: Natural Cognac, Brown diamond.

There's no GIA report on this one. We include our comprehensive appraisal, suitable for insurance.


1.18ct. Cognac Diamond Set into Custom-Made Gypsy Rose Gold Setting

item r2374


When we judge Brown diamonds, we look at different things than we do when we're grading colorless diamonds-or even yellow diamonds. For example, in terms of clarity, Brown diamonds high many imperfections that would be visible in a colorless or yellow diamond.

It's also important to remember that we need to use the color as our guide. When grading a brown diamond. You see, if the diamond is dull brown, it doesn't matter if it's flawless.

In fact, this particular brown diamond is pretty clean. But many Brown diamonds that are desirable will have some imperfection.

This diamond has wonderful coppery undertones. They give it a lively demeanor and personality-there's so much life for something with such deep dark color.
another thing you got to love about Brown diamonds is the fact that they're quite a bit less expensive fine white diamonds or yellow diamonds.


ITEM #: R2374
14Karat Rose Gold Diamond Gent's Ring

WEIGHT: 1.18ct
SHAPE: Oval Shape
COLOR: Fancy Deep Orangy Brown
MEASUREMENTS: 7.15 x 5.87 x 4.12 mm

14Karat Rose Gold

Currently sized at: 10
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The setting is absolutely perfect for this diamond. Amazing as it sounds, pink gold is very masculine. It has a bold look to it. Unforgettable. The ring is totally solid. It weighs in at 13.2 grams


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