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SOLD.....Halo Ring- GIA1.68ct Oval Cut Fancy Light Pink-Brown Diamond Ring R1167

Center: GIA 1.68ct Oval
Color: Fancy Light Pink Brown
Metal: Plat & 18kt rose gold
Side Stones: 115 round brilliants total .64carats- F-G/VS
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colored diamonds

1.68carat Fancy Light Pinkish Brown SI1 Oval Diamond
Item #R1167
Custom made platinum "East-West" Halo" Ring

ACTUAL MOVIE of this unique halo ring

Today I saw some of the most incredible diamonds I've ever seen in my life- which is saying a lot ( I'm old). The one which really took my breath away today was a 15 carat Emerald Cut - Yes it was a VVS1- and beautifully cut- but the thing that really got you was the fact that it was sky blue. Yes- GIA had given it a "Fancy Blue" color grade.

I would have bought it, but it was 5 million. I would not pay a penny over $4,999,990.

I also saw a 10 carat Fancy Light Blue Marquise- $2.2 mil- chump change, right?

Right behind the blues were the pinks. To give you an idea of what it takes to possess these natural pink diamonds, allow me to give you some prices on the diamonds we could not buy.

For purposes of comparison, let's say the hypothetical diamond is a beautifully cut 1.68carat eye clean SI1 oval. Let's assume every color we're talking about is true and strong.

If it was "Fancy Light Yellow" the diamond is around $7,000 per carat ( about $11,700 for a 1.68 diamond).

"Fancy Light Pink"- $60-80,000 per carat if we had one. If a store on Fifth Avenue here in Manhattan had it? Probably well over $200k for a carat and a half pink diamond.

A "Fancy Pink" of around this size? Well cut and sparkly like this one? Say $200k. From us.


Let's look at the intensity scale GIA uses for color. The Lightest shade with the word "Fancy" in it is "Fancy Light ( insert color here)"

We all know brown and pink are closely related.

Join them together and you get a "reasonably priced" pink diamond. Pink is what I see looking at this one......

It's beautifully cut. Totally different from a colorless oval- this one is a bucket of crushed ice. Good size for a 1.68carat diamond.

It looks quite pink most of the time

Group shot below..


Side Diamonds

115 round brilliants total .64carats- F-G VS


Custom Made Platinum and 18karat rose gold


Currently size 6.25- we ship in your size

The ring we've created is totally unique. The diamond is wonderfully showcased. It's set in a left- to right ( East West) orientation

Our trademark bezel is flawless. This puts this totally unique oval in a very smooth protected setting. Remember, this is an 18karat PINK gold bezel. How often do you see that?

Tremendous bling factor when you look closely. There's 115 micro set diamonds! They are embedded all down the sides.... They really sparkle!

When you see a stone in our eBay store, or on our site, remember- We actually HAVE the thing in our safe, not two feet from my left knee. This aspect of the diamond business is difficult- to be able to possess stones like this, requires a huge financial commitment.
If I buy the wrong stone, we loose a lot of money. Since the cutters know we actually want to buy their diamonds- instead of just putting them on an internet list- we get first pick.

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