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SOLD....Loose Diamond: 1.52ct Pear Shape Diamond GIA M/SI2 Trade Up Special R1100

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Original GIA Report Ships with Item.

Our company's comprehensive appraisal included.

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1.52 Pear Shape Diamond

M/SI2 with GIA report

Item R1100

People are always going on about one of the "C's"- Cut- which is really a matter of the greatest import when judging any diamond. It's pretty easy to spot a great cut- like this one- but the intricacies are daunting when people try to buy.

After all, everyone claims to have the best cut, and assigns their own name to it. A "Superb, Super Dooper" is way better than a "Deluxe Special Cut"- of course a diamond who's cut is described as "Ideal" has to be the best in any diamond right? No.

The fact is, great cut is self evident to a laymen.

So, we all agree cut is important- but another C- Color- has a direct, concrete influence on price.
An M is about 60% the price of a J.
Look at it this way- if the M color diamond is $10K, a J will about $18K. By this scale a D will cost about $35K.
Let's take a look at what "color" means when talking about an M color diamond.
Imagine a pair of glasses with a slight tint.

Don't expect blinding white. Think antique white. White enough to set into a white gold, or even platinum ring for example. In the shot below I can notice the color.

Remember, it's a very well cut diamond ( our "Hooper Doopertm cut.....) so although there is tint, it still throws a lot of light all over the room.

In terms of another "C"- clarity- the diamond is SI2.

There's a few inoffensive lines in the diamond- each is faint and small- but combined, they are enough to give cause for GIA to call it SI2.

You can actually make out one of the lines in the photo below

You'll NEVER be able to see these lines without a loupe, and likely not even if you did use a magnifying device.

This saves even more on the price.

This means YOU can buy a really well cut carat and a half diamond, with a GIA report- and stay in budget.

We pass on a lot of stones before we pick one like this.

The original laminated GIA report will accompany the diamond.


Here's our visual color scale of diamonds "face up" so you can see where a loose M color diamond fits in.

ITEM #: R1100
Loose Pear Shape Diamond

WEIGHT: 1.52ct
SHAPE: Pear Shape
MEASUREMENTS: 9.79 x 6.56 x 4.06 mm
GIA REPORT #: 14457428

Original GIA report ships with diamond. Our comprehensive appraisal is included with every purchase .

the diamond is offered loose

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