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SOLD....Three Stone Diamond Ring: 2.51ct Yellow Brown Cushion Diamond GIA Peach CUSHION SIdes R2635

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2.51carat Natural Yellow Brown Cushion Diamond
GIA Color Origin Report
item R2635
Custom Made White and Pink Gold Ring Featuring .75ct tw Cushion Side Diamonds


Actual Movie of this diamond prior to setting
The Diamond

Brown diamonds can be very in point, this 2.51carat gem.

GIA classified this diamond "Fancy Yellow Brown.

The combination produces a remarkable pallet of sub tones in shade.


I see shades of orange, peach, and of course brown. Not much yellow to my eye, but we never question GIA grades.

The cutter, who sent the diamond to GIA- requested a color only GIA report. Likely the GIA would grade this diamond I1 clarity- that's the main reason a cutter chooses the Color Origin GIA report.

In person, I have a really tough time seeing the spot  naked eye. The sharpest eyed person will surely be able to see it, but it's by no means obvious. The color helps in this regard too.

Taken under bright lighting, ultra close up, the photos show the small black carbon spot.

Some of the photos show it more clearly - like the ones below.

If seeing the spot would bother you, this is not the ring for you.

Much of the time the spot simply blends in


The Ring

The ring is breathtaking in person. A joy to behold- and even more of a joy to actually hold.

Our rings have such a "soft" feeling.

No sharp edges- impeccably finished. The stones placed right next to each other- on the same plane. In other words- the trhee stones are on the same level- many rings put the center diamond way up high- and sides down low. Rarely is that disparity a design element- rather it indicates the use of mismatched parts. We also set the diamonds low to your finger.

The Side diamonds are an awesome  pair with very high color- and a real "antique vibe" to them. They have great size for their weight- they make an lasting impression.


The spot in the diamond is not invisible- but neither is it obvious.

It's simply a different animal as compared to a colorless stone. A spot is harder to see- and because of the rarity- much more acceptable in such a unique diamond.

 ITEM #: R2635
18Karat White and Rose Gold Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 2.51ct
SHAPE: Cushion Cut
COLOR: Fancy Yellow Brown
MEASUREMENTS: 7.68 x 7.28 x 5.07 mm
GIA COLOR REPORT #: 16255592

SHAPE: Cushion Cut

18Karat White and rose Gold

Currently size 6.5.
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Our Guide to natural Fancy Yellow Diamond color grading chart.

The diamond will ship with the original GIA report.

We will also provide a comprehensive identification document (appraisal) describing entire ring in detail. This is suitable for insurance. It is also useful if you'd like to get a second opinion on your purchase