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SOLD....Yellow Diamond Ring: 3.02ct Y-Z VS1 Radiant Cut GIA Hand Forged Halo Ring R4751

radiant cut diamond ring

ITEM #: R4751

Hand Forged Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

SHAPE: Radiant Cut
COLOR: Y-Z, Natural Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 8.06 x 7.65 x 5.42 mm
GIA REPORT #: 1122795738

SHAPE: Round Brilliant

Hand Forged Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold

Currently sized at: 6
We will ship the ring in your size.

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diamond halo ring

3.02ct Y-Z VS1 Radiant Cut Diamond Halo Ring

The alphabet for diamond colors starts with D - that is the whitest diamond.

More accurately a D color diamond has a total lack of color. By the time we get to Y-Z, at the other end of the lettered scale, we're looking at what amounts to a Fancy Colored Diamond. This one was cut by one of the world's best cutters of Fancy Colored Diamonds. The result is an incredibly bright radiant cut diamond - with great size for a 3carat diamond. At about 30% less than the next darker color - Fancy Light Yellow.

Something that many people do not realize is that the difference between the shades of Y-Z, and Fancy Light Yellow is incremental - meaning very slight. In fact, the darkest Y-Z is darker than the lightest Fancy Light Yellow.

Such overlap at the fringes of the grade is inevitable, as these judgments are made by human eyes.

The cut is such an important element in diamonds, and a great example of a specific result of good cut is color. Cutters have developed the technique for cutting the most beautiful diamonds with the lighter color, and less costly rough.

The cut of this stone is kind of magical. It really does "trick" the eye.

There is a total lack of pattern to the sparkle. It's actually too complex for your eye - any human eye - to gain a focus. The camera can, because it freezes a moment in time.

The "trick" occurs when your eye cannot find a place in which to focus.

The perception is like a bottomless pit of sparkle. When you are looking at the diamond in real life, it's dazzling - literally.

yellow diamond

GIA y-z colored diamond

radiant cut diamond

yellow radiant cut diamond

natural yellow diamond

The Ring

So, we start out with a sparkling lovely lemon yellow stone, then we set her in our "Uber" halo- specifically designed to naturally compliment the color of the diamond - in the most stylish of manner.

We tailor each and every ring specifically to the stone.

Notice the curve of the struts supporting the halo. They get the stone to the desired height- slightly higher than as low as possible. The ring has such a lovely side view.

yellow diamond ring

We make rings that are on par with the finest rings you can buy in store or online.

Combining volume, with super high quality is an art in itself, one which we are constantly refining.

It's a lot of work and requires a huge financial commitment. In return we get an unsurpassed product with far quicker turnaround times than pretty much all of our "ultra high line" competition.

What happens if you want to buy this ring today, but you're a size 3 - or any other size than 6, our stock size?

Here is where having a factory with 50 setters, jewelers and polishers at our disposal comes in super handy. Same people who build our rings adjust the size.

If its within up to 2 sizes in either direction, we can usually adjust a ring to your size within 24-48 hours.

If you are a size 3, or a size 9, we would probably replace the shank. Bottom line is that you will get the ring looking like it was made in your size, with no evidence that it was adjusted.

On top of all that, we don’t even charge for sizing, nor does it negate your money back guarantee. If we do adjust the ring and you request a refund, there would be a reasonable size adjustment charge, which would be agreed upon prior to sale.

Same thing if you lose a micro pave stone. We'll fix it, either free, or for a very reasonable cost, for as long as you own the ring. We send you a UPS label, and the completed ring usually gets delivered back to you within a week or two, looking brand spankin' new.

natural yellow diamond ring

hand forged diamond ring

diamond halo ring

hand made diamond ring

yellow diamond ring

diamond engagement ring

hand forged engagement ring

yellow diamond engagement ring

natural yellow diamond ring

If you like the ring in these photos, you will love it in person - we guarantee it!

yellow radiant cut diamond ring

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond ring that you will receive.

GIA Report

gia report

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