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SOLD.....Yellow Old Mine Diamond: 1.31 Branded Dbl Cut for Color Modern antique Diamond GIA R4445

yellow diamond

Old Mine Brilliant Diamond
Designed and cut by Yoram F for Diamonds by Lauren

ITEM #: R4445
WEIGHT: 1.31ct
SHAPE: Old Mine Brilliant by DBL
COLOR: Fancy Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 6.57 x 5.84 x 4.42 mm
GIA REPORT #: 1142493641

old mine diamond

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yellow diamond
Old Mine Brilliant Yellow Diamond

canary antique diamond

This Old Mine Diamond is among the newest grouping of DBL Cut for color Antique Cushion Diamonds. This is a joint effort- the cutter purchases the rough diamonds with us in mind.

The precision resulting in an Excellent Polish and Very Good Symmetry is the only aspect of this stone's facet design that is not identical to an antique diamond. That, and the changing of the angles to cause the natural yellow body color to be more apparent.

We got incredibly lucky on this batch- two of them are really saturated well past light yellow diamonds.

This stone has remarkable color - especially considering the lovely cut. This one is cut to an Old Mine Brilliant facet Design. The medium blue fluorescence comes into play - primarily in the GIA grading- the visual effects are minimal. The photo below, taken in a light box, with minimal UV- would be more similar to a typical indoor setting. Sunlight has more UV light- some of the other photos are in natural lighting with more UV content- so you get the range of color in these photos.

yellow diamonds

My feeling was that the saturation warranted the Fancy Intense Yellow grade. When we got the stone back with a grade of Fancy Yellow, I re-submitted it - to no avail.

The reason is the medium blue - GIA is tougher on stones with fluorescence. In this case there's ZERO negative effect from this characteristic.

GIA has graded the clarity VS1. I do not believe that a human set of eyes could see this imperfection without the aid of a microscope, no matter how sharp they are. A gorgeous stone - the color is sensational.

old mine diamond

dbl diamond


yellow diamond

The photo below was taken of R4448, through a microscope. This diamond posses an identical laser inscription.

Story of the Double Decker

This diamond design was modeled after one of the first massive yellow diamonds to be cut. The cutter was the distinguished gemologist George F Kunz. The stone was cut in 1878.

The image

The facet pattern on the right below plots the stone in the photo above

facet pattern from Max Bauer's 1904 book Precious Stones

The image The image

I took that pattern and modified it to reflect the pattern on our modern interpretation of the "double decker"

One immediately noticeable difference is the depth- the modern stone is not as deep as the older style- which is quite deep by modern standards. The result is that the modern stones have a nice size to weight ratio- they look big for their weight.

The other main difference is the smaller facets on the bottom of the older style- this gives the modern versions a "chunkier" feel.

The image

In the photo above I've outlined the line of facets which encircles diamond diamond above the girdle ( widest point)- creating the "double-decker"